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Tine K house tour - new pictures..

Tine K house tour - new pictures..: "
Hi all. Hope your week is running smoothly and that you are basking in sunlight and good health!
The other day I came across a gallery of new pictures of Tine Kjeldsen's beautiful home in Denmark, and there had been some fundamental changes to the look & feel of the interior since I last shared images back in October 2009 (HERE).

The earlier contrast and drama created by those glossy black floors have been replaced with a much softer, lighter, more feminine and less strict atmosphere. Though the runner rugs are wonderful, I do have a real weakness for the hallway as it looked 'before'. The floors work particularly well here and I love the idea of a black front door. Especially against the white facade and the stone steps.

There is a lot of 'white on white' in the house after the renovation, and also a little flair of 'Shabby Chic' coming through here in the new hallway. The latter is not my personal favourite but Tine has great taste and I think she has executed it well.
This new and whiter direction feels very close to Tine's early business days when her little interior design shop 'Tine K' first opened in the affluent area of Charlottenlund, Denmark. Back then, her concept was very much 'white on white' with strong French influences.

There is a recurrent appearance different shades of 'plum', 'mauve', and 'thunder greys'. These two seem to have formed the theme for almost every room. Though on one hand I feel it is a little bit too 'safe' to repeat a colour theme in an entire home, Tine has used many different types of materials, textures and objects to create contrast and interest. It may not be for me, but somehow it works here.

Of all the rooms in the house, I think I like the work room leading onto the veranda the most. Here the stark white works well, and though I am a little bit 'over' the so called 'Industrial trend', I wouldn't mind getting my Swedish mittens on that tall chest of drawers. Isn't it just wonderful!?!

I also think this 'family room' with this work station is pretty nice. This would be the perfect place to sit and blog don't you think..!?! :)
The black wall art, the table and the cabinet in the background are all beautiful, and also create a nice anchor for the eye to rest on in this overwhelmingly white room. And that's coming from a Swede..!

This here is Tine herself with her three little blondies - aren't they gorgeous!? The master bedroom was once white with black floors but now a vision in greys, with one Tine's famous quilts draped across the bed.
Despite the tangible warmth throughout the house, there is also a sense of minimalism coming through. This too is very true to the roots of 'Tine K' and perhaps also a typically Scandinavian trait of interiors. It creates a restful canvas for the often unusual and beautiful objects that Tine collects from all over the world. Add to that the way it magnifies the natural light and you can understand why she took this direction.

The master bathroom is nicely executed with quirky and personal little twists here and there. Despite the boldness, it feels warm, dressed and full of love. I particularly like the idea of that chair next to the bath. Such a wonderful place to sit and chat when one's darling is soaking in the tub. Or the kids for that matter..!
I also like the way that Tine has used the adorable little window to enhance the composition of the artworks on the wall. Simple and playful.
Last but not least, note how fun those leather straps are on what seem to be very ordinary cabinets. Such an easy-to-replicate idea when renovating on a shoestring. Not that Tine probably did, but you know what I mean..

The light in the dining room is amazing - such a bright sunny place to share a meal. It is quite clear that the photo shoot of the reno took place in Spring or Summer time, when decor in Scandinavia tends to be scaled back.

For Autumn and Winter, I can see this new room being layered with lovely rugs and perhaps some gorgeous deep grey 'Gotland Sheep' skins on those beautiful Asian chairs. I can also envisage Tine's trademark silver candle stick clusters as a center piece, and a few of those silvery floor lanterns scattered around the room. She is so great with ambience don't you think?!

The very first time I saw Tine's kitchen I loved it, and especially so that wonderful Moroccan silver tray. I have since tracked down similar ones and am determined to pick up a couple (one large and one medium) before the end of Autumn this year!

The new white floors have certainly given the kitchen a lift. Though I didn't dislike the previous black floors, I think this room now feels a little more current. Also, there they are again, those quirky little leather straps. I love them.

Last but not least. Here are some of the old shots from the surrounding garden, and also the famous guest house. All of this is so typically Scandinavian to me, and I can't wait to go home to Sweden to experience a proper Nordic Summer in only a few weeks. Yay!

Hope you enjoyed this my dears.
If you want to see more pictures please click into 'Tine K Home' right HERE.

xx Charlotta

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