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Inspiration: "My inspiration at the moment...from Skona Hem.Sea tidings,Kerrie

Food Styling with French wine, baked ham and cheese.......

Food Styling with French wine, baked ham and cheese.......: "

Hi Everyone, What a couple of weeks I have had....(I will explain below)

I really hope you don't mind, but I am re-posting a favourite table setting today for

Susan's party at TT today.

This is a post that I did a couple of years ago, a food styling and tablesetting job for

one of my clients. It was a two day shoot on a lovely property in Canyonleigh

and whilst the chef prepared the food I created the settings. From memory I think we did six different settings from breakfast to Dinners. I love this one because of the lovely reflection on the glass with the water behind. It was at the end of the day when the light was just beautiful. I also have a passion for beautiful decanters and bottles, I have hundreds of decanters and bottles in my collection. I also love the bottles of French wine,

I have some very old bottles of wine that have only ever been used as props.......

but after the last couple of weeks I think I might just open one tomight.

The last four weeks,

My Mother has been in hospital

My Father is forgetting things!!

One of my brothers was taken to hospital the day

my Mother came home, he is still there and I am

about to go in a see him now.

I have been almost living at the hospital

I haven't been able to open my studio for over a week, so I haven't

done any work. hmmmmmmm

I have often wondered what will happen when my parents are too old to look after themselves,

Well.....that time has arrived!

Sending love to you all,


xxxxx Coty

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Kökspics I like!

Kökspics I like!: "

Hittade några favvobilder när jag gick igenom mina bilder.Så idag bjuder jag på köksminnen!
Kram Anna

weekly wrap up + jessica helgerson design

weekly wrap up + jessica helgerson design: "

At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that there isn’t a Jessica Helgerson-designed house that I don’t want to immediately move into. From the first home I posted of hers (still my favorite space ever) to this new home (the “Brush Prairie” home in southern Washington), I’m a complete and total JHID super fan. She has a way of creating spaces that bring the outdoors in and celebrate the sort of clean, open views I covet in modern homes. If I ever come into a surprise fortune, I plan on buying a big treehouse of space and letting her have at it for the design. I’d love to curl up on this couch and stare out at the yard. All that green is endlessly calming and refreshing. Click here to see more of Jessica’s work online. I’m hoping to meet her and her team in person today, so if you see an embarrassing amount of online shrieking at the D*S Twitter feed, that’s why.

I’m heading out to see more of Portland today, and then tomorrow, it’s off to the blogging classes at the Ace. I’ll be back in Brooklyn by Sunday, though, and blogging from home on Monday. Thanks to everyone who’s walked up to introduce themselves in SF and Portland so far. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to meet readers/designers/enthusiastic locals in any town — it makes me feel instantly at home and welcome. Thank You. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

LRB_110608_2998 2
LRB_110608_3063 2
LRB_110608_3038 2
LRB_110608_3081 2
LRB_110608_3028 2

More photos of the Brush Prairie home continue after the jump…