Sunday, December 5, 2010

French Christmas

Christmas time is very magical for me,But it can also be very
frustrating first trying to align the Tree so it's not leaning 
or falling over   been there done that.And then theirs taking
the lights out from storage and stringing them on the tree but
For some reason the strings seem to be intertwined among them selfs. So then it takes me another hour to try and detangle, which
I find does not help if you pull on each end hoping they will
separate So now the Tree is strung with care Ha,and we plug in
voila half the fringing Tree lights are blown why oh why did I not
Check lights first. This is a taste of what I went thru earlier
this week, And so I would encourage you my minions sorry a little
power trip going on their for a minute I mean wonderful bloggers,
if you would kindly brows on over you will see the picturesque
Christmas that is both Elegant and whimsical, I would like to hear what you think please blog back. Happy Holidays  !

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bethsheba
    I'm very honoured that you should invite people to come and see my tree!! I didn't know it was whimsical or elegant though!!
    Thank you and have a great week