Friday, March 25, 2011

~Escape to Saint-Tropez~

~Escape to Saint-Tropez~: "

Funny how we are finally having a little wintry weather here in Santa Barbara just as it is officially Spring. Rain, winds and 40 something temps {at night} have me longing to escape to Saint-Tropez…

Last year at this time, I was wandering the South of France and found myself happy as a clam on the Cote d’ Azure.

They say that Saint-Tropez is a perfect blend of rustic Provence and the chic Cote d’ Azure. For a look back at the more chic side go here

and for a fresh look at the more rustic side of this fascinating destination stay right here…beginning in the town square. If you haven’t noticed, there is something rather magical yet unspoken about the light here.

The architecture here takes on a Mediterranean flavor in a perfect fusion of French, Italian and Spanish influences.

It may not be March Madness basketball, but men everywhere seem drawn to their ball games…again notice the light…

the Saint-Tropez light..

and that light follows you indoors for a look at…

a tempting array of fresh tartes…the two on the right named after this beautiful village…Gendarme de Saint-Tropez and Tropézienne. Making Magique chose the Tropézienne…

and I went with the Citron…delightful.

While there is shopping…it is not really the best way to spend time here and runs against our rustic theme.

In addition to the world class yachts, there are the more modest vessels.

and this scene blurs the chic/rustic distinction…

and is a perfect place to look for Sea Glass tumbled by years of tides.

Miss Haleigh and I wanted to see even more, so we hopped in our car and ventured out to the beach plages made famous by Bridgette Bardot…

We arrived at this deserted…and rather rustic beach club.

We loved that it did not look like some slick Hotel chain had staked a claim here. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be… young again…hanging out here in the summer…there are private cabanas, spa services, refreshment bars…

and of course the beach…looking in one direction back towards the village…

and then in the other direction.

We were a bit surprised to find that vineyards are planted right up to the beach in some places. Imagine being at the edge of the blue waters of Saint-Tropez and living on this picturesque vineyard.

My preferred lifestyle would also be the perfect blend of chic and rustic… to live on the vineyard and then have a fabulous yacht for cruising from port to port.

As we left Saint-Tropez we stopped in this charming little village that lays out in a canal style system.

I don’t recall the name of this little village…

but it was the perfect ending to our Escape to Saint-Tropez.


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