Friday, April 15, 2011

Creating a Relaxed French Farmhouse Feel and the Talented Ruby Wand

Creating a Relaxed French Farmhouse Feel and the Talented Ruby Wand: "

I hope you are all having a great week!
Today I wanted to share a few pictures I recently took of a french fruit basket....
I spend a lot of time taking product pictures for my shop...
I hope you don't mind if I share product pictures with you from time to time.

I love to try and give my house a relaxed french farmhouse feel.....
When I took these pictures of this french fruit basket, that was the feeling I was trying to capture in my photographs...
Here is what I did to try and create a relaxed french farmhouse feel.....

I first started out by adding a jar filled with lilacs to the basket, that ended up not looking quite right.

Since my lilacs are in bloom, you will see a lot of lilacs in my product pictures (sorry)

I ended up just laying the flowers in the basket....

I added my J Crew sun hat to one side of the chair...
I love using this hat throughout my house as a prop...

I added my Chic French Linen Tote to the other side of the chair,
I think the white tote helps break up all the wood that is in the picture.

I threw in my favorite lavender pillows that my sister made for me....

I like how the material looks against the wood and next to the lilacs.

I love creating displays on my bistro chairs.
Bistro chairs also make great night stands and or end tables.

That is how I tried to create a relaxed french farmhouse feel for a product picture....

On a completely different note....
I wanted to introduce you to the talented Ruby Wand.
Ruby recently special ordered a french ticking duvet and a set of french ticking euro-shams from us.
My sister Liz designed and sewed the duvet for Ruby.
I actually didn't get to see the duvet in person, since my sister lives in Atlanta, GA.
Ruby just sent me pictures of the duvet over the weekend....
I could hardly wait to share these pictures of her bedroom and the duvet with all of you.
I love Ruby's style.... I think she is very talented.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of Ruby's bedroom....

Ruby used to live in a 1900's white cottage.
They had to move due to her husband's work and currently rent a condo.

I just love what Ruby has done to this condo.

Ruby's husband Russ, made the night stand and the bookcase.

I love how Ruby used this mantle for a headboard and then added an antique bench to the foot of the bed.

I also love how Ruby mixed so many white linens with her gray and white french ticking duvet.
(The bottom side of the duvet is made from an antique french monogrammed linen sheet.
My sister designed the duvet so that Ruby could also use the linen sheet as the top side if she wished to do so. Liz used antique buttons made from sea shells to close the duvet.)

I love Ruby's bedroom!
Thank you Ruby for allowing me to share these pictures of your bedroom on my blog.
I hope you will start a blog someday soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Take Care,


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