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patina farm: shutter inspiration...

patina farm: shutter inspiration...: "

Steve and I are planning to start designing our home this weekend, so I've been reviewing my huge stack of images looking for common design elements.


One of the details that I've noticed is that many of the rooms in the images I saved are lacking draperies. It was only until I really started analyzing these rooms that I realized how much I like interior shutters.


Image via Desde my Ventana

I know this seems like an odd thing to be focusing on at this early stage of the design process, but if we decide to use interior shutters on some of our windows I'd like to thicken the walls. I love the way these shutters lay against the inside walls.

image via Desde my Ventana

I like the idea of keeping the walls white and adding a hint of chalky color on the shutters.


image via Desde my Ventana

Since we won't begin building our home for a year or so, I have the luxury of having some time to find a few wonderful antique shutters.

image via Desde my Ventana

I'm leaning toward simple paneled shutters with slightly rustic hardware. Louvered shutters seem a little too fussy.


The walls don't necessarily have to be as thick as the ones in the picture above. We could use folding shutters...

Foto 2_thumb[1]
image via Belgian Pearls

Foto 1_thumb[1]
image via Belgian Pearls

Most likely we will use interior shutters on just a couple of windows and design the rest of the windows and doors to include exterior shutters.

image from Demeures de Campagne

image from Demeures de Campagne

All of the shutters (inside and outside) will be the gray blue color of the antique shutter I found at Charme d'Antan.


The shutters will provide privacy and black out where ever necessary. Inside, the window treatments will be simple linen draperies on thin iron rods, similar to this image of my favorite steel door.

image from French Country Living

Do you have shutters are your home?

I look forward to reading your comments!



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