Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things of beauty...

Things of beauty...: "Here we are again! Some weeks, Friday arrives and I feel like I blinked and the week flew by; today is one such Friday.

I have been thinking about childhood and how each stage of your children's lives seems to be the defining stage. But then it passes and you realise that it was just one phase in the whole journey of parenthood. I have attended lots of school events this week and have observed the Boos standing amongst their peers. The realisation hits every time how much they have grown. Especially my daughter, whose contemporaries have been by her side at her school since she was 4. To see them all grow up - how worldly and mature they seem now. And just to cement that view, Boo then returns home and asks me 'what is antidisestablishmentarianism Mummy?'. Pipped to the post by 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' for being the longest word in the dictionary, apparently. You have to think on your feet as a parent! They break up from school today for nearly a month....eeek.

A weekend ahead of more activities - I am longing for some quiet time. It's Mothers Day on Sunday so maybe then? I have tactically scheduled a duvet day on Monday...can't wait.

...the stunning Natalia Vodianova photograph by Annie Leibovitz...
via Toast home
Vilhelm Hammershøi, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1885
photograph by Polly Wreford
I just love this buttonhole...the second I have posted lately...buttonholes should be worn more often I think.

Photograph by Braedon Photography

Photograph by Mario Sierra
via skona hem
Almost certainly, we will have some beach time this Easter holidays...

There is something about this row of scarves that I just love...

via tiny white daisies

The bun: my new happy hair do - although mine will never be quite as resplendent as SJP's...

Photograph by Sara Kauss via Hey Gorgeous

Daddy has been working alot lately...

Photograph by Mario Sierra via Sarah Klassen Haute Design
Photograph by Lars Ranek
Photograph Mikkel Vang

Have a wonderful, restful weekend...!

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