Friday, April 22, 2011

Things of beauty...and a long, warm weekend...

Things of beauty...and a long, warm weekend...: "Here again...another Friday list of prettiness; whatever might have taken my fancy this week. Today heralds the start of the Easter weekend, which to me means family and quieter times, seeing friends, resting up. Of course I couldn't not mention the weather which, as I look out today, is shaping up to be a beautiful sunny day. Maybe a late beach visit this afternoon? Cook fish on the barbecue?

I've been trying to just take some time of late, to work through chores more mindfully, to concentrate on the task in hand rather than just muddle through. I need to get more centred on what I am doing. I need to keep my nostalgia in check, as much as I love it, looking back all the time is counter-productive. Time to look forward and to plan...

by Ruche

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She'll always have one of the nicest smiles...

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I want these shorts...

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country living
It's all about positive thinking...

I completely fall for these pretty papers...I buy far too much writing paper and then don't correspond with people the old fashioned way...

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These always make me think of my friend Simone, whose birthday is this weekend...mwah!

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Have a wonderful, restful, thoughtful weekend...

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