Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The things on my mind today...

The things on my mind today...: "Firstly, for all of your lovely and generous comments to my last post, a sincere thank you. You are what balm is to chapped lips. Calmer now, I move to other things to ponder, of much less weight, such as:

The fact that Lurpak thought of making butter with crushed sea salt in it. Inspired and oh-so-Danish.

The very cool sunglasses I saw someone wearing yesterday. I so wish I had asked her where they were from? But I was put off by her coltish look; and now I'll never know!

Zooey Deschanel via evabreath
I don't recall being this interested in the arrival of summer for years. Has it been a really long winter? I want to feel the sun on my skin.

via pretty stuff
We start now on 4 weeks of school holidays; I really did try to get the house in order beforehand as I know...within a matter of mere days we will be living as if we emptied out every drawer and cupboard. I like the lined-up slippers here...

Photograph by Edina Van Der Wyck
I am going today to visit another of my oldest friends (I have alot of old friends don't I? I am all about longevity). I smiled as I read an article in this month's UK Vogue (all inspired by the Royal wedding) about how bridesmaids have to endure dresses they did not choose.

I was this old friend's bridesmaid a few years back. I was not able to go to any dress fittings (distance, rapid wedding-planning and small children conspired against it) so she promptly visited Selfridges, tried on two options as if she were me, bought them both and presented me with a choice. I opted for the silver satin, slinky red carpet-esque, backless number. Now that was a bridesmaid's dress! Not for the first time, I knew we would be friends for life.

via pretty stuff from Noa Noa
Finally, a blogger who has been with me more or less since the start - Chania of Razmataz sent me some wonderful treats. I won a 'pay it forward' on her blog and received the most beautiful delicate little Easter trinkets from her shop in Canada. Just preciousness in the post....so thank you kindly :-)


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