Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fabulousness....

Friday Fabulousness....:

....bought this from H&M last weekend and have been living it in this week!

It's been a great week...
halfterm holiday for the children and we've been super-busy :)
Tennis camp on the sunny days....
cooking/reading/shopping on the rainy days,
Leogland Windsor yesterday (fantastic!)
And tomorrow (insert drumroll)....a Scalextric launch with cupcakes....woo hoo!!
It's been a lot of fun....we have a Halloween party to plan and decorate for this weekend...but I think a pyjama day may be called for too!

I have decided that my November blogposts will have a theme....
"Wellness and Wellbeing".
I have been really busy working on it this week - some fabulous giveaways coming up plus some really great interviews, information and thoughts.
I'm excited!!

I'm off to ask my husband to hide today's shopping - what should be Halloween candy is about to become "Thursday night candy"...
I knew I should have waited til Monday ;)

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